The IHC goal is to deliver the finest chrome plated bars, induction hardened chrome plated bars and OD chrome plated tubing to our customers,and we do it, bar after bar, day after day. 

How do we do it?
  • By using the finest turned, ground & polished product from our sister company, Bar Technologies just 100 feet away.
  • By integrating all three IHC companies, IHC, Bar Tech and FPM.
  • By employing the most advanced and consistent polishing and chrome plating system in the industry.
  • By controlling the process and therefore the quality from hot rolled bar to finished product with the IHCMS. (Industrial Hard Chrome Manufacturing System)


Induction Hardening

Induction case hardening is one of IHC’s areas of special expertise. Two induction hardeners change a bar’s surface properties and make it more impact-resistant while the IHCMS stores customer specifications, detailing case hardness and depth.  Our consistent feed rates and controlled quench practice produce a homogeneous product with predictable machining characteristics.  There are no surprises, bar to bar and order to order. 

After hardening, we precision polish the bar for the smoothest possible plating surface. 

Chrome Plating

To guarantee the best result, we use a proprietary plating solution and system wide IHCMS control.  Nothing is left to chance. IHCMS precisely times, prioritizes, sequences and schedules your order. We continuously monitor the temperature, heat, cooling solution level, plating bath makeup and concentration, and we only use reverse osmosis treated water in the tanks to eliminate water-borne impurities.

Because plating decreases chromium in the tanks, the IHCMS injects chromium after each plating cycle. Incorporated into the IHCMS is a 24/7, ion exchange chromium renovation system that continuously removes metals so the plating bath is virtually new for every plating job. Our filtration system moves from tank to tank removing micron-sized particles and filters each tank several times. We use a superior ventilation system that exceeds all EPA and OSHA standards. This combination is the world’s best chrome plating system and produces consistent perfection, bar to bar and order to order. 

And we’re eco-friendly. There are no floor drains in our facility. The only chrome that leaves IHC is wrapped around a bar!

Remember: All chrome plated rods are not equal.  Chromium plating by anyone may last for several years, but the microscopic pitting and nodular formations that develop in other processes don’t give you the superior corrosion resistance of IHC plating. If you want a superior chrome plated bar, you have to give it a superior, pristine chrome bath. We do! That’s why IHC rods have no performance equal. 

Chrome Polishing

After plating, bars or tubing are processed again through multi-station polishers and buffers designed and built to our specifications… As in the other processes, the IHCMS controls the process, so your order data is retained for instant re-call.  

At each polishing belt and buffing station the bar’s finish is enhanced; and because the whole process is precisely controlled, the finished product is as perfect as a chromed bar or tube can be.  They’re so perfect, and so beautiful… our chromed bars & tubes are often called,  “Industrial Jewelry”.


Part of Redefining the Standard, is our continual pursuit of improving corrosion resistance and the granting of three U.S. patents:

United States Patent Number 7,641,782 B2   Jan. 5, 2010

United States Patent Number 7,037,373  B2  May 2, 2006

United States Patent Number 6,808,751 B2  Oct. 26, 2004

These patents are just one more reason we are proud and confident that our chrome bars have no equal in the industry.  They demonstrate tangible results in a continual improvement process to provide you with a better product.

ISO Certifications

The ISO 9001 standards state the requirements for a commercial entity to be certified for its commitment to quality management.

Our ISO 9001 Approval and Registration,  tells our customers, and employees that  the Industrial Hard Chromes companies are committed and willing to improve efficiency, and that they have an effective quality management system in place.

Implementing a quality management system to satisfy ISO 9001 requirements starts with establishing quality objectives, and communicating the objectives to all levels of responsibility within the organization. Once quality goals are set, the organization must evaluate the quality policies and determine whether they contribute toward higher efficiency.

The achievement of ISO 9001 certification was a proud day for our company because those certifications to an International Standard validated our on-going commitment to quality control for every order you place.

Caterpillar SQEP

Caterpillar SQEP is a certification program that encompasses and demands extremely high levels in a CAT supplier’s quality systems as well as commitment to continual imporovement and deployment of an effective Six Sigma process within their organization.  IHC is extemely proud to have been certified by CAT in the first year of this certification process and recertified each year since. 


Industrial Hard Chrome manufactures a full size range of chrome-plated and case hardened steel bar and tubing in both Metric and English measurements. 

And because we’re both your provider and partner… we’ll fulfill exactly the size, chemistry, hardness and plate thickness you need.   No arguments, no excuses.  We deliver steel chemistry & strength – to your requirements.

Do you have some tough problems?  Our service reps are here to solve them, including getting your orders off our dock and on to yours, in a timely fashion.  Our specialized inventory and order tracking software decreases your warehousing and inventory costs and increases your efficiency by guarantees deliveries when you need  them. Not too soon, not too late, Just In Time.

IHC’s complete special bar & tube surface preparation gives you hard chrome plating with maximum corrosion resistance.  And for extreme application requirements, we can provide additional surface protection.  Interested in extreme corrosion protection?

Induction Hardened Bar Stock

Available Grades:

Upon Inquiry

Induction Hardened Chrome-Plated Bar Stock:

Available Grades:

10V45 micro alloy, 75,000PSI Yield 1″ (25mm) rd through 6″(150mm) rd

C1045/1050, 100,000PSI Yield 1″ (25mm) rd through 4 1/2″ (115mm) rd

Or to your requirements

Chrome-Plated Tube Stock:

Available Grades:

C1026, ST52.3

Or to your requirements

Induction Hardened Bar Stock

Available Grades:

Upon Inquiry



1″ (25mm) through >1 /1/4″ (30mm) rd: 12 feet

1 1/4″ (32mm) through 6″ (150mm) rd: 24 feet

Chrome Plating

Thickness: 0.0005″ Min or 0.001″ Min/Side

Hardness:  65 to 75 Rc

Surface Finish: 12 RA Max

Or to your requirements

Standard Tolerances After Chrome Plating
Diameter: 1″ (25mm) to 2 3/8″ (60mm)2 1/2″ (65mm) to >3″ (75mm)3″ (75mm) to > 4″ (100mm)4″ (100mm) to 6″ (150mm)
Or Upon Inquiry
Induction Hardening

Surface Hardness:  Rc 50 minimum

Depth of Case:   .050 inch minimum

Or Upon Inquiry

Corrosion Resistance (ASTM B117)